Starcraft - The Shadow of Space

By Kasper FærchJun 12, 20241 min read

Starcraft - The Shadow of Space

This is a "Starcraft Brood War" mod I made together with a friend, back when we were teenagers.

It has been downloaded more than 120.000 times in total, last time I counted all the hits on different download sites!

We made the mod because we thought Starcraft needed some new life, and there is a lot of things we were unsatisfied with in the original game. So we decided to make a mod, so we could get the game as we wanted. This mod brings new life to Starcraft, and still keep the balance between the races.

  • A huge map-pack with fantastic multiplayer maps, missions and single player campaigns.
  • Changes all the units, so they don’t cost supplies.
  • The basic upgrades can be upgraded up to 20 times.
  • Cool new buildings and units graphics.
  • Stat changes to almost every unit.
  • Improved AI.
  • Fixing some general bugs in Starcraft.
  • And a lot more...

The mod was made for version 1.16 before the HD remaster came out. So it won’t work on newer versions of the game.

The mod can be found on ModDB where the latest release came out in 2011.

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