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By Kasper FærchMay 6, 20243 min read

About HackTech Online

HackTech Online is a semi-realistic hacking simulation game, set in a near cyberpunk like future.

All you need is a web browser, to be able to play with people from all around the world!

In HackTech Online no player is safe, and no firewall is good enough! You take part in the game as yourself, and have the option to fight against the bad guys on the net, or join them... Join or create a corporation with other players, and start your PvP hacking career. Or choose to complete missions for underground groups, big corporations or secret government agencies.

Screenshot of HackTech Online

The story behind the game

The game is made by me all alone.

HTO was my "little child" that I have been working on for a long time. In the beginning I used it to learn PHP and Javascript, but as time passed I rewrote it a couple of times.

Now the game is made with Laravel 8.x (started as Laravel 5.5), and this is probably the last version of the game I will make.

The login screen for the game

Development status

I don't have the time for completing the project, or developing it any further. So now I'm releasing the code for everything on GitHub, for you to play around with if you want.

The project is made with PHP using the Laravel Framework. The ingame messenger chat system is made with NodeJS websockets. There is also a lot of jQuery involved.

So if you want to make your own fork, feel free to do so. But please don't report Issues, as the development is halted. If you decide to make your own game from this, please just include the original name of the project, the author (me), and a link to the Github repo. That would make me very happy 😄

There is not much documentation for the development and the source code overall, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Just remember: The game was made while I was learning Laravel. So the code may not be pretty, and all that fancy, but I still put a lot of hours into this project ❤️

Working features

  • Login and signup functionality (using invite keys)
  • UI window system
  • Module based ingame applications with support for multiple versions of the same app
  • An ingame "virtual internet" with IP addresses and hostnames
  • Corporation trust points to decide which missions a user can take
  • Missions/Contracts for players to complete and earn money, files and trust points
  • Game webbrowser for players to visit ingame websites
  • Gateways (player computers) and servers (AI/system and even support for player owned)
  • Ports and services for servers
  • Software market
  • Gateway upgrades and system resource meters
  • Ingame email client and messenger/chat service
  • "Virtual File System" for both servers and gateways with a filebrowser
  • NPC and player based corporations
  • Banks with accounts and a simple economy system
  • Basic admin panel made with Backpack for Laravel
  • Admin tools for creating servers and files
  • Dynamic seeder-system for adding new content to the game database
  • Bug report system

If you want to see more, you can check out the GitHub repo.

Screenshot of an ingame server in HTO

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